Tuesday, August 9, 2011

'Addiction' by Higashiyama Show (no drugs)

(Second post within a couple hours! Nekogen below!)
Here's one I had nothing to do with. Big beautiful forty page story, basically two distinct chapters but w/e; translated by Uglicus and edited by Altereggo. You may have read this one a while back when Sayo translated those so-so, heavily censored magazine scans but this is a great read easily worth a second look.

Anyway plotwise first half sees our heroine enjoying some public private time that's not so strictly private. Then in the second half she deals with her secret being possibly revealed maybe? She's got the cutest fucking glasses, unfortunately she only wears 'em a couple pages.

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This whole tank is full of interconnected stories; one girl in particular very well connected indeed. Blurk recently translated her chapter, 'The Three Question Marks', and I believe he and Altereggo plan to do the whole book. Today's heroine briefly returns in a grand finale 'Garden of Earthly Delights', also translated way back by Sayo.

'More Than Lovers, Less Than Siblings' by Nekogen

New story! And it's a good one! Misleading thumbnail! Editing thanks to MelancholyofAnon!
Here our hero finds himself living with none other than his high school crush, sounds pretty great, eh? Only problem is she's married to his father. Woe! Despair and woe. Still, someone's gotta get laid.

This story is a bit more  loli  than it may look at first, and much less incest/adultery than you may have been lead to believe. In fact there is none of that at all so be sure to check it out if that's not your thing. Very good stuff indeed.

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 Another new story tomorrow I hear. Thoughts on the future after jump.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

'Petit Devil' by Yui Haga (Content!)

Here's a quick one that took a very long time. Totally worth it?
Only a brief four pages, not much sex to fit in there but there are some hands doing stuff where they're not supposed to be.

I took the unorthodox measure of including the raw files in the release, they're not even a meg in size so I don't think you'll mind. Just don't get your hopes up when you see nine files, the story is only four.
Serious, if I went too hard on it or fucked something up let me know. All I can see now is what I didn't do...

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I wasn't planning to, but on impulse I started watching that Astarotte's Toy. Rather like it. So far for the most part it's much more innocent and cutesy than the premise, and the lengthy bathing scene that sets up said premise, had led me to believe. Also good holy fuck her mom's hot.

Do you, like me, primarily know Yui Haga from his dirty dirty Nippon Ichi fan works? If so read more for something freaky (good freaky).

We had nothing to do with this one Lucky Fourteenth

'Marshmallow Fiancée' by Equal, translated by Yoroshii

Man, I love this one.
First half of the tank is the titular story, and it is just cute as fuck.  Young but generously endowed girl wants to marry older guy, but he wants to wait until she graduates and doesn't want to have premaritals (or doesn't he?)
So she kinda has sex with a bunch of guys. For his benefit though, mostly. And she is unquestionably loyal and loving to him throughout. Happy stuff, kinda awkward. So fucking cute.

Other chapters are good stuff, too. Public sex, teacher sex, lucky sex.
One chapter is incredibly dirty; where the girl is having sex in front of her younger sister as she draws them for her homework. Yeah. Most of the tank's girls are only remotely loli, though the little sister here is quite little she's mostly a spectator.
The setup to the second-last chapter is pretty sad, and though the end wasn't quite as... explicitly happy as I'd hoped it's alright. That whole premise may make some uncomfortable. All I got to say is he damn well better pay for her high schooling.
Then for a grand finale we get some lolier Aiko!

Another awesome story Yoroshii did recently is LEE's 'Small Satan Lewdness', shame it's only two chapters. But oh, them two chapters!
Step siblings in love who can only get alone time at school, where he is also her teacher. And then some yuri happens. Girls are taller than LEE usually draws them, which I liked. 

Then today he posted a Naoshi Onizuka, which I haven't read yet but Naoshi Onizuka...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lazy Holiday Special Pt.1- We had nothing to do with any of these!

Mother's Day! I don't know if any of you mothers are mothers but if you are an extra special happy to you and you may not care for the following few posts.
For since the blog has been so slow lately I've decided to use this as an excuse to plug a few of my old favorites, three milfesque stories to be exact. And you can be sure these ladies are genuine mothers courtesy their daughters who appear alongside them! Yeah, that's kinda fucked up, but that's as fucked up as I get and I do love it so ♥.
They're not really doing much of anything to each other in any of these stories, but they all happen to be okay with sharing the same guy. Simultaneously. Anyway:

'Touring 1&2' from 'Boshi-Kan' by Papiko Hiura, translated by Tonigobe

Our hero is injured after narrowly avoiding a collision with a cute pedestrian, and soon finds himself in said pedestrian's mother's care. They get wet, things get hot, and then he doesn't quite manage to avoid the cute pedestrian a second time (with his semen, lol).

This two-chapter tale is really heavy on the mother/daughter fetish; again, they don't do anything, but there is a lot of playful competition. Some mild bondage, nothing near as extreme as the tank cover may suggest. Very misleading cover, that...

The rest of the tank is pretty good stuff; third chapter features another mother and daughter pair, and most of the rest of the book follows the loli/not trend.

This very story introduced me not only to a weird-ass fetish, but also to veteran translator Tonigobe, and I've been a huge fan of both in the few long internet-years since!

Lazy Holiday Special Pt.2 - Really, but not too really

 'Shiki's Diary' from 'Nowasure' by Shiwasu no Okina, translated by Tadanohito (registration required, single chapter re-hosted here).

This story contains another important sort of mother, the step mother. Why, without step mothers how would you have pseudo incestual stories like this one?

Calling this a milfesque story, however, is grossly misleading. There is a brief scene at the end with pseudo milf/step son/step daughter taking a bath together, but the bulk of the story is just one man walking orgy. Many encounters don't even make it to the page. It's breathtaking, handily my favourite SNO story.

Most of the rest of that tank is similarly, if not quite as, fantastic stuff; though the first few chapters tragically involve a nice lesbian couple going futa.

Btw: Nurses, ehh. Teachers, kinda hot. School nurses, love goddesses?

Lazy Holiday Special Pt.3 - Lost focus

One more, 'cause there's gotta be three.

'The Minami Family Bitches' from 'The Cherry Boys' by Rio Yanagawa, translated by sirC

Oh, this one's dirty. Only the basic framework of a plot; shota-dude's staying with his aunt, who lives with her sister and daughter, and they just decide to never let him wear pants.

Does contain some guy-butt prodding/licking, and a one line suggestion of less-cool incest but I can ignore that. The daughter is on top of the mom at one point here, but it doesn't get any more explicit than the thumbnail depicts.

Yanagawa is, I think, my favourite artist. This tank is all-around pretty superb; entirely comprised of shotas being pitied/taken advantage of by crazy hot older women, there is something icky here or there but I loves it just the same.

Make sure you also check out 'Big Breasted Bespectacled Teacher  Delicious and Uncoordinated' at least, who is just disgustingly adorable ohmigawd.
Those guys do kindasorta rape her while she's semi-consciosus and totally into it but it's all good, so good.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Status update/ Wakfu est le Vrai Cochon

Shit, any of you guys watching this? Fucking love this show. If you'd have told me last year I'd fall in love with a flash-animated cartoon based on a French MMO I'd have said something nasty about your mother but here we are.
Just getting caught up on the second season (pic above is from the first, obviously) last day or two. Goddamn that masked cock needs to die, eh? It's like they're treating him as a love interest for Evangeline, except he's not trying to fuck her but murder her, repeatedly. WTF?

Also if that pig they ate that turned out to be a dude was half cat to start with, does that make it not so bad?

Anyway read more for status and a rough to-do list.

Friday, April 8, 2011

'Yukata Intrusion' by Araki Akira

Aw, now here's a cute one. Give thanks to HurpDurp for the typesetting.
Some sort of overnight school trip situation, and our heroine wants to make some 'memories' with her teacher. Whatever could stand in her way?

Not much  yuri , but there's tasting.
She gets just a bit forceful, but I don't hear anyone complaining. :D

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Gonna add some new tags now; utilitarian stuff.
Firstly some boy/girl tags to note the layout of a story's cast, 'cause sometimes you have that surprise threesome or some such, eh? Nobody likes that <-total lie.
Then we'll have a 'not loli' tag, which certainly doesn't apply to this story.

Okay, now, everyone come over here for a minute. Got some big important news to talk about. Uglicus, you just give us a sec to set up and then Read More.

Friday, March 18, 2011

'Nakadashi! Russian Roulette' by Tsumagomi Izumo

I don't like this one. You might, it's not bad.

The teacher gets fucked over. Don't expect much sympathy for him, though.
No anal sex, but there is some tonguing and she sometimes looks close to prolapse?
And there's not really any gay stuff, but balls do touch and swords do cross. Should I add a 'yaoi' tag? There may not be a better chance to do so. Naw, barely there...
Lastly, last page, she's all pregged up. That's not sexy.
Not that bad, you might like it.

Megaporn, Mediafire, Deadfrog

This story was typeset by nek0, of Ecchi Neko Hentai. All kinds of translated hentais there, but all kinds. I've found a couple great stories I may have missed otherwise, not to mention a couple new artists/translators I'm going to have to check out when I get some time, though also some stuff I really should have missed (prostitutes murdering prostitute murderer :( ).

And then those 'reaction' buttons which I'm totally stealing as of this post.