Thursday, July 8, 2010

'Mizuho and Oniichan' by Daibokki Hana

Oh man. I love this one.
It's a fairly simple story, but extremely fuckin' cute. There's really only one dramatic moment in there, I am a fan.

No incest tag. He's her 'onii-chan', and Uglicus figures they're related, but there's nothing definitive.
Now, the newest tags, I guess one could freak some people out. Maybe. It's not so big a deal as I make it out to be, because I think it's just awesome, but she's talking on the phone to her mom for a few pages. Oh man, I don't even think that's supposed to be sexy, but I don't care. ♥ I'm so tagging that, heads up for spoilers (and stupid, misleading tags).
My reaction is far more disturbing, if anything, and I apologize. I am exaggerating it a wee bit...

Megaporn, Mediafire

Edit: Startling 'Piercing With My Sister' update, courtesy Daremo! Daremo said... 'The optic nerve thing is an urban legend in Japan. Supposedly, a girl was piercing her ear by herself(presumably the top part) and somehow managed to nail herself in the side of the head pretty good. A little while late, she notices a thread like thing on the side of her head, and yanks on it, and goes blind. It was her optic nerve. You have to ignore quite a bit about anatomy to believe that one.'
Golly, that's a weird one. And rather implausible. I do hope she's feeling better...
I will have to update that file tomorrow, it is so fucking late right now... I love you, Daremo.

Fuck it's hot, I could really go for some ice cream myself...
'Ver.B' after the jump. You can skip down to the pic, all the rest is paranoia and embarrassing family stories.

Hi I'm Paddington Zell, the padding cell.I am well aware of the horrors of the phrase, 'I think it looks good.'

Are you familiar with my family (better not be)? The living room furniture constructed of other, older pieces of furniture? The clothes that women half their size would have the sense to not wear? The facial hair? Sometimes guilty of that one myself, but I know how it looks. I've seen old cars spruced up with a fresh coat of house paint.

Electronics fair no better. All their wallpapers are 'stretched to fit'. I explain their monitor's 'native resolution', and the next time I'm out there it's back as it was. Four-fifths of the HDTVs I've seen, outside of electronics stores, were displaying analogue cable stretched to fit.

I respect the originals, I really do.

But where are they? Are they the messy (not too bad, in this case) .jpgs I started with? The uncompressed scans, or the printed pages? They could be the original drawings, or the artist's original concepts (I don't want suggest the artist's skill as a limiting factor, because she (?) did spiffy... as I understand it a proper artist can never be satisfied with their stuff).

Is your display flawless? Any glasses/contacts/corneas free of dirt, smudge, scratches? Are you devoting the proper attention and time to take it all in? You sure your brain processing the images correctly?

I don't mean to bitch about all this stuff, and if some of it sounds critical I swear it's not. Just wanna emphasize that while I know jack-shit about image manipulation I'm not being thoughtless here, and am kinda obsessive/crazy.

I did this. I do believe, overall, I've done more good than harm.
Other hand, I've spent so much time with these pics I've grown used to any remaining problems, and just plain don't see much difference anymore.

Megaporn, Mediafire

Profound apologies to Daibokki Hana, for the editing, and to all artists for this blog in general. And to anyone who read that up there. And to Hana again for the questions about gender. ('Hana's a girl's name, right? This is her, yes?)

That colour image too, by the way, pretty heavily edited. I'm very nervous about the, uh, cleft... And that cat's smile? I drew all that. It's her panties with lines drawn on 'em. I had a reference, of course. TinEye's fucking awesome, by the way.

What a dumb post. Keepin' it consistent.
Feel free to being the hate in the comments, yeah.


  1. there is only 1 time when you are able to manipulate a picture, and that is when there is something undeniably wrong with it. as in damage to the page, something fucked with the scan. or if something needs to be removed.

    i have experience doing everything you did, from blur to darkening. and the only time it was even remotely ok was when it was printed poorly, and the ink was 50% lighter than it should have been, or when a poor scanner left a glare in the black ink sections, or when there was watter dmg.

    i have had to deal with re constructing a image after it was doctored, there was this one image of 2 nuns that look like lesbians, here i made a post about it

    i also did some decensor work and image tweaking because the people didn't rip the pages out of a volume, lifting and reseting the page so the art is flat.

    i suggest you practice image editing by decensoring some lol censor material. like witchcraft. it will at the very least help youy get better at the program and will hopefully help your future ability too.

  2. -urk! Scolded with lesbian nuns, I did not steel myself for that! BARF!

    I have done some decensoring, with the gimp, very 'lol censor'. Didn't turn out too bad.
    Just takes too long, for too little gain. I am aware that cat's smile and such in this release is so much worse. That's the line.

  3. Really cute chapter, and a pretty good artist. I've had this tank lying around but I haven't given it much of a look through before.
    I compared the raw scans I had and this chapter but I didn't really see a difference lol. So I wouldn't really worry about anything image quality related. I do as usual question your choice in tags :P

  4. The really weird thing is I actually have heard that urban legend before. It didn't occur to me when I was translating, which is fine. Honestly, the translation is better without it.

  5. I love the stupid tags. They're so bad.

    Urban legends are cool, too. I'm just throwing a screen shot of that post into the file, that can't hurt.

  6. Just saw you added up to your future list of works Higashiyama Show's "Addiction", a chapter I loved btw, which has already been done by SaHa a while back. Not sure if you knew this but it never hurts to give some information to decide if you still want to do it or not.

  7. I love that you got my back. :}
    I did know, Uglicus wasn't aware. The tankobon scans are much much better on certain pages, pages I can't post on the blog. So I will edit this one anyway. Once I get around to it.

  8. Do you think you can start posting the source of these Oneshots?

    I know you give the author, but knowing the name of the magazine or book would help a lot.

  9. I've been putting the source in the credit/comment page (regularly, finally, was just forgetting shit a lot). I could find a place in the post for it too, I guess. Was trying before, but see above. This is from 'Motto &er Girls'.

    This is no oneshot, by the way. There are a bunch of related chapters, two of which I've got translations for, the second being a direct continuation involving Christmas tree cosplay.

    Just suffered an editing related injury, may start that week off early...


  11. Ow my ears you monster.
    Looking into it, I am not pleased by what I've found. :( I liked it better when I had no idea. Knew I shoulda looked shit up first, I would have made him change it... Oh God, why did I watch that? I should fucking know better.

    That editing related injury? It was to my soul, btw.

  12. Okay, okay, I looked up some old emails and Uglicus actually did recommend I watch that show, though with some very strong warnings about it. And he later assured me that the 'final ending is so happy it's almost sappy'. The title, however, is in some foreign language and so completely slipped my mind.

    Two horrible (for very different reasons) youtube videos are poor grounds to judge anything on, I know, I'm sorry for that. But goddamn did that kid stab the shit out of her neck.

    I'm just in such a shitty mood today for so many other reasons, I can't look past shitty youtube videos for what I'm sure is a perfectly legitimate reason for that kid to have stabbed the shit out of her neck. To make the other person feel better, is what I'm getting from this old email.

    Edit, 'cause I can do that: If you're wondering, there was no big dramatic rant or argument or shit, I just spent half an hour editing out that sound effect. :D

    Two priests walk into a bar. The third one ducks. Badumpbump, happy.

  13. The girl got injected with her own poison. She was giving herself a mercy suicide. Seen the show, so I know that much. If you like fucked up anime, or Lolis with weapons, watch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Highly reccommend it.